Engaging stakeholders

When building a case for a country to join GBIF, it is important to start by identifying all the stakeholders (actors and parties) that would be concerned with GBIF Participation, and then considering which of these will be most helpful.

GBIF’s communication strategy is a helpful resource in identifying the key audiences and messages to communicate to them to build engagement. It can also help you consider the stakeholder groups to engage when building a case for GBIF participation within your country or network.

Review the GBIF communication strategy, focusing on the audiences and the roles they could play in becoming a GBIF Participant and establishing a node.

Exercise 1

This exercise is based on the use case scenario for the fictitious country of Darwinia. Please refer to the context provided in the use case scenario when providing your answers on the exercise 1 sheet (available on the Files for download page).

One way to guide the thought process around prioritizing who to engage in building a case for GBIF Participation is to map the stakeholders onto a matrix that looks at:

  1. How likely each stakeholder is to support the desired outcome (in this case, the country becoming a GBIF Participant and establishing a node)

  2. How much influence each stakeholder is likely to have on the outcome (remembering that for a country to join, signature of the MOU may come from a minister or senior official in a relevant government department or designated national agency)

Matrix for prioritizing stakeholders to engage in making a case for GBIF Participation

In your exercise sheet, referring to the use case scenario, identify all the stakeholders to engage in making a case for GBIF Participation and map them onto the prioritization matrix. Keep track of your rationale for where you have placed the stakeholders, and any points you would wish to discuss with your peers.

While working on this activity, we encourage you to consider how this would apply to your national context and keep track of any items you wish to discuss during the first group call.